Interesting GMail Error…. Shocked but not suprised

November 10, 2008

GMail claims to be still in BETA, so that it can be tested by the user and to get to know the feedback from them. But when I was using GMail, a basic stupidity was done by GMail team. The mistake was fetching the maximum recordset values in a singlepage. GMail by default let us to view 50 recordset in a page whereas if a page is having less than that, “How GMAIL Hanldes it ???. Look at the screenshot below of how GMail is displaying the wrong data.


Does GMail really handles these basic operations well or its yet another sloppy stuff. Does GMail JavaScript fails to handle the pagination well???? Well who answers this??

PS: This cannot be reproduced every time, while on continuous testing you will find something like this and even something more than this. May be who knows sometimes, our password can be even printed somewhere. Checkout for more updates and keep updating this thread.


Suzuki GS-150 R: Gooood bye to Pulsar,TVS Apache and to all 125/135 CC’s :)

April 20, 2009

The most practical bike both in performance as well the value for the money

Its been a pretty long to be on WordPress to blog my activities, but finds no time to do it. But still I have an very interesting thing to blog. It is all about my new bike experience with Suzuki GS 150 R.

I bought this bike 2 months before when i was searching for a bike to buy so badly. This was the new release and I will be roughly around 20-25th customer to get this. When i went to suzuki’s show room to have a test ride on it, i really got impressed with the bike model. A very normal look, with strong muscular tank, 6 speed gears, cushion seating capacity, wonderful shocks action and finally with 9 amp battery. Also i had a test ride on it, covering the speed of 75 kmph in the sixth gear with in 1 km. Seating posture is so cool , so no one will get a back pain on the drive. Its XTP [Extra Torque Power] really pulls the bike in the high gear with the low speed. Impressed with all these things, booked one and within a week got the delivery.

After 250 Kms of short drive in 2 days, had a short trip to Chengi Hills 140 kms from chennai. The tested bike top speed on NH 45 is 109/110 singles and 107/108 doubles and at this speed, and this bike is flying like a bitch. As the engine sound is too smooth compared to any other Indian Bikes I heard only the air piercing sound. The aero dynamisim really matters and sorry pulsar could’nt match the competition with this bike. The essense of the 6th gear felt that day. At many points when the windy conditions are high, pulsar could’nt pick up the speed and its speed it gradually reduced as it is very poor @ its aero dynamics. Still many bikers are saying that this bike has the ability to go @ 115-118 Kmph, not sure about this, need a very good road to test this.

Also I had a very good experience driving this bike completely on a OFF-Road. I purposefully did to check the shocks action and driving comfort. For all these cases, it really surprised me that this bike goes @ 40kmph in 3rd gear very smoothly when all other bikes can only reach minimum of 15kmph in the 2nd gear. 40% seat action and the remaining 60% is the shocks action makes this bike more dependable and most lovable. With this bike really had 3 short drives around 100 kms away chennai and the age of this bike is now 2 months old with 3000 kms on its account.

Every day I love this bike more than anything.

Still some testing is under progress: Mileage testing, 0-60, Comparing with FZ-16.

Stay tuned for more updates and sorry pulsar lovers. Pulsar is a damn bullshit bike.

Is it Neccessary to be sound in ‘UR’ Technical Domain for Support Engineers

June 16, 2008

Well, recent times I have been watching thru some of the techincal forums and felt really bad about all the way the things are handled by the Support Engineers (SE).  A customer has raised an alert, regarding a particular feature is not working. One of the support engineer made a reply stating that, kindly send us ur  log file and for more details. Few days later, another customer founded to be having a same issue and this time it was another support engineer who made the same reply. OOOooooooooops,,,,, what has happened to the previous guy ?? what is the fix given to the 1st customer???? L*L!!!!!!!!!!!! To my wonder, this gets repeated for the third time!!!!!!!! I personally feel it as an absurd case, where the support Engineers should have atleast get the information about this issue and should have made a post regarding this issue.

Only if a support guy does’nt have any domain knowledge on what he is working with, similar kind of replies would be presented. Also the way of answering to the forum posts like this will definitely spoil the customer’s trust.

Solution to that answer: It would be better, if the answer was like this.

Hi xxxxx,

Consulted with the technical team, and found the cause for that issue. Will give a fix in a days time as one of my developer is working on it. Moreover, for the same kind of question by many customers, it is better to answered under one support  name.





IPL: Who wins in this Money making business????

May 20, 2008

After a long time something which provoked me to write a blog. Got back the Set Top Box connection to my television after 3 yrs, I was very happy to watch all my favourite channels. In the mean time, 8 teams were finalized and it was on APR 17 IPL was started. My favourite was sachin and then ganguly. So the first match was between KKR and RC and KKR won convincingly. Few days passed and while i went on browsing i went thru the statistics of all the CEO’s whom has paid what to buy a team, Shockingly in the list the topper was Ambhani. He buyed it for $119 millions and seconds stands chennai superkings was bought by India Cements for $107 million and the third stands Deccan Chronicles and so on.  Looking on the points table Mumbai Indians were not in the top 4. I was suprised how could it be, being the highest bid among the team how can it be in the bottom 4 in the points table.  Later these guys suddenly came up and definitely i cannot accept it bcos they have adapted towards this 20-20 format, what should have happened is “FIXING“. Some underground work should have happened so that these guys must have move forwaded in the points table. Now i started to hate IPL. Everywhere money, its not the game that is being played, its the money thats getting played.

As per the facts Mumbai indians and Chennai super kings will definitely make it to the finals and finally Chennai super Kings will win the finals. Why Chennai super kings, if Chennai looses under Dhoni’s reign then he would be under Stake.

Comments are not welcome. This is purely my personal opinion and hence i would not allow any stupid comments here.

What is Automation all about? :-)?

March 22, 2008

Quite confused , why I have chosen this topic to write. Pretty much interestingly this is not about car automation or flight automation. This is completely about Software Testing Automation. What is testing ?? Where it comes ?? why it is so important ???

In software development life cycle, there are various stages in it,

  1. Area Under investigation
  2. Feasibility study,
  3. Dialog Design
  4. Code Design
  5. Implementation
  6. Testing
  7. Turnover
  8. Maintanance.

Will discuss the other parts later , now comes the testing part. when the sofware comes into the phase of implementation, the next immediate process is to test the software and make sure that, it does not have any bug on that. One who test the software is termed as quality control engineer.

Testing is the stage of the process and check whether the software is stable or not. Under testing, there are two kinds of testing, one is Manual Testing & the second one is Automation. In the former, where all things are manually done. How? For any defined software there will be a flow. That flow will be written as an use case. At the same time, for any flow there will be the functionality which is written as Test Case.

For eg:

Take a sample case of run a server and connect to the login client. How the usecase will be


1) start the server and connect the server using http://localhost:<port&gt;

2)give the username and password as guest guest and press the submit,

3) check whether it gets redirected to next page .

How the test case will be:

Testcase ID: Description: Status : Expected Result: Result came: Result status

TC_001: start the server. critical server should server started Pass

check whether start

the server has started

So this is what a test case is called. How does automation plays an important role. Automation makes the QC Engineer job easier from writing testcases. Instead of writing 1000’s of testcases manually and testing each and every one of it . So “AUTOMATION” is totally defined as automating the testcases.

Some of my friends are in the automation and they automate the software on its working behaviour. For eg: in the login page there are so many cases to cover such as field blank , password wrong. special characters, and so on. But they are just automating it for correct login credentials alone which is not the good way of automation. It is as simple as they are automating the product and not the testcase.

I would sincerely request all to all the QC Engineers to understand the concept of automation and what automation is all about and how to implement it. Do not just do it in your way.



Neeya Naana Talk show : A worst level of making your emotions burst out.

November 21, 2007

Recently, in the past time I have started watching vijay tv’s talk show called “NEEYA NAANA“. Gopinath is the show runner also, he decides the travel the ship. This show mainly targets the corporate people on a major share and college students shares next. This show is truly based on what you feel and what you talk on certain views that gets discussed.

Job of the show runner is to make the people fall on their emotions and burst out with their emotional views. The recent show was on the topic “Does Astrology really adds flavour to the life (or) its just an another business to travel on with.”The show was started and various people really had their views and some experts on astrology also came and had their views. For any topic pros N cons will be there and for the same two groups of people also will be there.

Absolute vulnerable part of this show lies at the show runner who really takes advantage in hurting and insulting people views. After all the show is about to express their personal views. But this guy takes an advantage on them, and these people are not realizing that. I was wondering how a show runner can do like that by suppressing their views jus like that. Also this show is a new generation of patti mandram where the final judgement would be very neutral. Then why talk show? Why emotions burst ? why hurting people ? Finally why unbiased judgement.

As on my personal opinion these kinds of shows should be banned, tickling up all your emotions and without knowing what will happen, people are letting the very long hidden truths. To extend my comment on the show runner, he should not take added advantage of insulting the views of the speaker.

Neeya Naana , Not a talk show, Its a “STUPIDITY SHOW“.

What SAY !!!


Kumaran Silks Padum Office on Air

November 20, 2007

After a very long wait, kumaran silks padum office is gonna be on air from November 24th. It starts at 7 night. Prelims of the popular team music event starts first. Also we are the first team to perform. Hope this show will create another full time entertainment.

Still to come with more updates,